Mexpirits distinct brands and categories fulfill a broad range of consumers; each product represents our Mexican pride.

Handcrafted beer from Michoacán, more than nine styles with innovative flavors.

Delicious coffee liqueur cream with mezcal core, contain pieces of roasted coffee beans.

One hundred percent natural Rompope Gourmet, handmade with the highest quality ingredients.

Traditional “Abuela” recipes elaborate this artisanal Rompope.

Handcrafted rum produced with mestizo cane from Michoacán; excellent to sip alone and mixed in a variety of cocktails.

Distilled alcohol produced from a variety of cane products mild in a mechanical “Trapiche”.

 A premium 100%  handmade mezcal. It is elaborated with the traditional processes of Michoacán.

Oaxaca handmade mezcal. Distilled in copper stills and grinding in tahona operated by the force of horses.

Piñata Brewing Beer

Handcraft beer made from 100% Mexican corn.